Wonderland – ‘Spirited Away’

Spirited Away‘Spirited Away’

We had been walking for some time…. The snow was heavy, pure and perfect. Soft flurries blew between us, Elbie stood still, her eyes closed, oblivious to what I could see. A magical landscape stretched before me, wild and white. A blanket of distant jewels spiraled down crowning her hair and hands, as colour collapsed in the wake of her footsteps. Nothing but the wind, and the weight of the sky ….. and the shimmer of flowers, everywhere.

Sometimes you don’t need anyone else, and that’s what we did that day. It was just me and Elbie and nobody for miles. This truly was how it looked, it was the first day of really heavy snow. We had tried to find the right place and nothing had felt right, the day was fading, along with our hopes, but then we found it…..the field at the foot of the hills. We waded through knee deep drifts to the heart, where the tree stood and the shadows pulled to the east.

I won’t write too much, but I’m just so happy we had this day to ourselves. We didn’t have a model, or anyone else to help us, it was just me and her swallowed by the landscape. It was one of ‘those’ pictures, where you don’t have to try. The scene was so beautiful, and Elbie despite all her worries, couldn’t have been more perfect – like a doll gift wrapped in vintage silk.

I love this picture… because it is one that means so much more to me. It captures a truly precious day, with a truly special friend…. in an extraordinary world I would never have seen if it wasn’t for my camera.

… and somehow listening to this helps explain how it was to stand there………